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Lowrance says ‘Seize the Day’, but we think it’s more accurate for Lowrance users to say  ‘Seize the Fish’. 

With features like DownScan Imaging--DSI, its easy to see why more boaters are using Lowrance equipment than ever before.  And why should kayak anglers not ride the wave?

I say  Carpe Piscus !!

We have chosen Lowrance Elite-7 DSI units for our Hobie Pro Anglers.  The reasons are simple

Ease of use

Unbelievable display

Incredible signal recognition

and add to that the Lowrance-ready feature of the Hobie Pro Anglers, and you have a real no-brainer.

Break it Down

Ease of use is a key feature for any electronics.  No one wants to spend their entire youth learning complicated functions.  The Lowrance menus are intuitive, simple and like the design of your Hobie, everything just makes sense. 

But just because the menus are easy, don’t put this machine in a category with lower end units.  You won’t find little pictures of smiling gold fish on this machine.

Display is incredible, with 256 SolarMAX PLUS colors and a fluorescent cathode backlit display, images in pre-dawn low light all the way up to Mosquito Lagoon noon-day sun, are bright and clear. 

And those images and signals are so sharp and with so much detail you will be blown away.   The DownScan Imaging provides photo-realistic images of bottom structure, fish, schools of baits and every rock and ledge you thought were down there but could never see.