made on a mac

Fish have nostrils.  This is fact.  Anyone who doesn’t agree that fish can use those nostrils to smell, is really missing the boat.  Fish also have tastebuds.  This is fact.  If something doesn’t taste right, I spit it right out.  Fish do the same thing.

So here’s my thing, I use Pro-Cure for two reasons and in two situations.  First, with soft plastics I truly believe that the added scent and flavor will help a fish hold on to that bait just a brief moment longer.  The bait no longer tastes like pure plastic, it has a ‘natural’ flavor.  This moment allows me that extra time to feel the strike, and set the hook before the fish realizes it’s not a real treat he has in his mouth.  This absolutely increases my hook up ratio.

Secondly, when redfish seem to have lockjaw, or are in that ‘belly crawl’ mode, and won’t lift a nose to any other bait, I can use a technique called dead sticking, where I cast a soft plastic--a shrimp or crab bait coated with Pro-Cure, and just let it lie still.  Sooner rather than later, one of those belly crawlers just won’t be able to stand it and has to work his way over and pick up the aromatic snack.  It’s a technique that can turn a frustrating day into a photo opportunity.