This is what happens when you mix a bunch of Carolina country hippie folk, with a pipe bender and a welding machine.  These guys make the coolest stuff.

Everyone is looking for a solid, safe and convenient way to haul their kayak or kayaks.  Our Float-On trailer is awesome for long distance hauling with a full tournament load.  But for our everyday hauling, and even my daily guide trips where I’m hauling several kayaks around, the T-Bone is what gets the job done.

Thats not to say the T-Bone isn’t capable of hauling all over the world, for that matter.  It’s just that we do have choices. 

The regular single T-Bone is so light. It’s all aluminum and weights like only a couple of pounds.  Those big cheap steel hardware store extenders weight a ton.  Pain to attach, pain to remove, pain to store. 

The other big deal about the T-Bone (and one of the reason’s these guys invented it) is the long radius of the hitch bar.   We don’t have that many hills in my area, but we do have a few steep entries to ramps, railroad tracks and convenience stores.  No matter how sharp the dip, this thing never drags. 

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