made on a mac

I totally dig the Dinkum sinking shrimp.  I hate use an overused phrase, but it actually is a game changer.  It has totally changed the way I work a flat for big trout.

It’s designed to come to the surface and skip at the top when you jig it, just as a live frightened shrimp would do. Allow it to sink, and it will slowly glide AWAY from you at a foot of length as it sinks every foot in depth. YES!  It slowly sinks away from you.  This is unheard of in plastic baits.  The fish are TOTALLY fooled and will smash the thing. 

Jig it back to the top, and you can ‘pop pop pop’ it a few times--like that real escaping shrimp would do, and then let it glide back down--like a real shrimp would do!  Totally sick.  Big ol’ trout cannot resist. 

I like to walk the dog with it as well.  I can walk-walk-walk, and if I pass over a pot hole, I can let it slowly sink in that pot hole and if that big girl is hanging there, she’ll blow up EVERY time!  Dang.  I’m giving up too many of my tournament secrets.

Unfair Lures at your first glance should reveal a couple of things that are totally off the wall.  The gills are real--not some painted on stripes.  They not only give off the illusion of dimension on the bait, but also create vibration in the water.  How about the swivel in the nose--that’s patented.  Couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve had a split ring fail or had my line slip under the ring folds and break.  Not to mention it helps with line twist.  The other thing about the lures is the realistic profile.  It does not matter if a bait claims to be a ‘live target’, if it does not have enough fins, a fish--a trophy fish, just might be able to tell.  Then there are other things like being made of 7 USA components and a ‘Sonic Signature’ that only the developer can explain to the fullest.  These lures aren’t like any other hard plastic on the market.  That’s not just a statement.  Just pick up one and look for yourself. 

$14.99 sound like a ‘fair’ price?    LOL !!!

NOT an Unfair Lure.  Unfair Lures are under 10 bucks.  Take that Japan!